Software Systems Development

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We can solve your web, cloud databases and mobile apps needs whether you're a micro, small or medium sized business, whether you're established or a start-up.

Cloud Databases

Storing your business data in an intranet in the cloud solves many IT problems businesses have today. You don't need to maintain a local server to store your data. Our databases are very easily expanded and adjusted so your system changes as you do keeping your system perfectly tailored to your needs.

Website - CMS

A website drive by a CMS (Content Management Systems) is a good way of allowing you to easily maintain your website. Our system is intuitive and links to all our other systems. It has been designed to easily and securely connect your cloud database with your website, giving you control over what data you want published and allowing website users to send orders or other information into your cloud database.

Receiving Orders

Whatever you sell to the public (or even B2B) then we can integrate your website to have a shopping basket integrated into your stock system or booking reservations. It can be customised to have whatever options you require all driven from your cloud database.


Contact Relationship Management (CRM) is not only key to maintain your sales channels but also to maintain all your relationships with existing customers and other contacts. Having your CRM integrated into your cloud database means you can easily see any activity in the system that relates to that contact. If you require user log-on access to your website you can see their activity there too.

Monitoring Systems

Any process that affects your business can be monitored and fed into your cloud database. If it's a physical process that requires sensors we can use cost effective raspberry pis to monitor them, if it's a digital service we can monitor feeds as well. All this can be pushed into the notification system in your cloud database.

Mobile Apps

Sometimes data input needs to be from outside the office, whether it's logging guest information in a ski resort or engineers on the road, we can develop mobile apps that integrate into your cloud database giving you the live real-time information you need to run your business.