Cloud Databases

Your data: Secure & Accessible

Development of cloud hosted databases enabling your company to securely hold all your data in an accessible way

Our Unique Platform Flexible and efficient

The core of our system is the cloud database. It is built upon our unique platform that which means we can develop your system quickly and robustly while still leaving total flexibility to tailor the system exactly to your requirements.
Our philosophy is that business systems should work how you work rather than demanding you work how it does. To achieve this we need a unique platform. Over many years we have developed what we believe to be the best solution giving you security, and flexibility. This way your system can grow and change with your business.

In the cloud Secure & Accessible

Hosting your solution in the cloud provides many benefits:
  • It outsources the maintenance of your database and the hardware.
  • Automatic backups: either overnight or live continuous back ups.
  • Flexible location - the system can be securely accessed from anywhere.
    However, it is sometimes appropriate for the system to be installed on your own internal servers. This is something we can support.

    Integrated and Connected

    A cloud database works best when all your data is in the same place. Sometimes that is not possible or appropriate so we can intergrate our systems with any others provided they are open to integration (which most are - look for API or SDK).